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In-Center Hemodialysis


What is Hemodialysis?

This treatment typically takes place in a clinic. During hemodialysis, blood is filtered through the dialyzer. Solution inside the dialyzer removes wastes, toxins and excess fluid from the blood. After passing through the dialyzer the filtered blood is returned to the body. A dialysis access is specially prepared to perform hemodialysis process. A common site for a hemodialysis access is the forearm.

  • Treatments are administered by well-trained medical professionals and highly- skilled technicians.
  • Centers have different treatment shifts.
  • While you dialyze, you are free to enjoy activities such as reading, listening to music or browsing the Internet.
  • You can socialize with other dialysis patients.
  • It requires you to travel to and from a dialysis center three times a week on a fixed schedule.
  • Two needles will need to be inserted by staff for every treatment.
  • There are diet restrictions you have to follow.

Hemodialysis Treatment Process

During hemodialysis, a patient’s blood runs through medical tubing to a dialysis machine. The blood is reached using a prepared access site, typically from the patient's forearm.

The blood passes through a filter, called a dialyzer, in the machine. The dialyzer uses a solution, called dialysate, to absorb waste, toxins and excess fluid from the blood. After passing through the dialyzer, the filtered blood returns to the body.


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