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Diet & Exercise


Living Healthy Matters

It's very important for patients to maintain an exercise schedule along with a healthy diet to support general wellness. Staying active and eating right will help your natural kidney function considerably. Plus you'll just feel better. Your diet is unique to your condition and your doctor can help you construct a kidney-friendly diet.


Physical Activity

First, Talk With Your Doctor

The best plan of action is to speak with your physician prior to starting a new exercise routine. Depending on your physical condition and kidney health, your doctor may recommended an exercise routine just for you.

Plan On 20+ Minutes

You'll want to get into a routine of having at least a 20-minute workout, several days per week. Start slowly and ease into a workout that is appropriate for your fitness level. A steady exercise routine will promote blood flow, strengthen your muscles, and increase your overall health. And please, don't forget to stretch before each session.

Consistency Is Best

As you exercise consistently, you will experience more energy and a better ability for your body to fight illness and disease. Additionally, your overall well-being will improve with reductions in your blood pressure, blood sugar, and risk of injury.

Just Have Some Fun!

Biking, hiking, swimming… all are low impact activities you can enjoy with you family and friends while getting that session checked off of your list. Invite friends into your routine, like a group walk with pets, or do a little bird watching. Make exercise fun and over a short period of time, you will naturally want to do more. It's as good for your mental health as it is for your physical health!


An enhanced path to wellness