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About Us


Clean. Safe. Relaxing. Professional.

At Serenity Blue, you will find a professionally run operation, with smart, caring staff, providing a relaxing haven for your dialysis treatments. A facility where everything is cleaned and disinfected with the upmost attention. Where you will enjoy entertaining amenities while in treatment, as well as a host of therapy options to ease your endurance for a life with kidney disease. Above all, you will experience friendly, comfortable care from qualified, empathetic medical staff.


Why do we do this?

Sometimes great missions are born from tragedy. Serenity Blue’s story stems from pain and tragedy. The sustained impact of our foundational tragedy has blossomed into a new vision of serene moral care. We believe our new holistic care mission and concept will transform the accepted practice of dialysis care.

Our Treatment Center Includes:
  • Safe location
  • Convenient location
  • Free parking
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Calm, relaxing atmosphere
  • Clean and sanitary conditions
  • Comfortable treatment area

A calm, relaxing atmosphere

The modern, yet serene, clinic was designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere for the better patient outcomes. To further enhance the patient experience, we offer music therapy, audio books, counseling services (which can include life goal motivational and spiritual support), plant and pet therapies, wi-fi, and the use of an iPad or similar interactive tablet devices.

Amenities We Offer Patients During Treatments:
  • Free cable TV/phone/Wi-Fi access/iPad
  • Headphones for music or audio books
  • Light therapy
  • Plant and pet therapy
  • Counseling services

An enhanced path to wellness